We are Gualtiero

Florence (Italian: Firenze) is a city in Italy. It is the capital of Tuscany in northern Italy and is the center of the city that bears his name. For a short period, he has been the capital of the Kingdom of Italy. The city is built around passing the Arno River. City with a population of about a million along with the surrounding residential area close to, today as in the past is one of the major trading centers of Italy and Europe.

The city known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance Florence, it is a world-famous tourism city with its culture and architecture. There are many art galleries and museums in the city. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo are world-famous artist who grew up in this historic city. Again, the famous writer and poet Dante Alighieri lived in this city and was inspired. The symbol of Florence‘s Ponte Vecchio and Santa Maria del Fiore.

Florence is also the heart of Fashion.


We think it is very important to take resposibility for our actions, both when it comes to the enviroment and the human rights. We have resposibility towards all the people who take part in the production of our garments. Our Code of Conduct, which all suppliers have to comply with, refl ects our statements. Through our envirmental policy we show respect for nature and take our responsibility for a sustainable future which includes, a fair and secure world for generations to come.


Fashion means constant change and questioning oneself in order to continuously progress, improve, amaze, fascinate. Collezioni Uomo did just that, with some self-analysis and self-critisism, even some smugness, and realised that it was time to move on to the next level. Gualtiero is a refined brand, born from sartorial craftsmanship traditions refined in a modern cosmopolitan key by a dandy taste for materials, fabrics, prints, details as favoured by iconic Italian fops for demanding men looking for unusal retro touches, excellent finishes, special combination of colours, prints and geometric patterns.

Colours & Textures

Coats and jackets are set to play the main role, rather than completing the outfit. Meanwhile, accessories will give a sense of exclusiveness and richness to the whole concept. Fabrics are changing; they are not plain, simple, and boring. Self-patterned jacquards will be favored, especially for top pieces. Collections feature a more sporty and casual style, but with no compromise on quality. Cashmere, lambswool, merino, and angora will accompany silk combinations. Mouliné merino wool yarns and fancy designs will be in the limelight in knitwear. As mentioned before, pied-de-poule, v-weave, and tiny geometrical and tweed patterns will be favored in jackets and coats. Angora, merino, and alpaca fleece are the fabrics of choice. Colors are as crucial as the texture, so colors will be relevant to the season. Of course, with so much head-to-toe layering seen this season, led by black and all its related industrial hues of grey, closely followed by indigo and blues. We will surely see and also profoundly feel rough and wild winter ecrus, beiges, and browns coupled with Land art greens. Nature’s own leaf, stone, marble, and mineral patterns will offer a source of inspiration. The seabed theme will make an appearance this season as well. In the AW 16-17 men’s season, men’s wardrobes will take on a more sporty and modern look to capture our hearts with meticulously selected superior wools and new technical fabrics with neat and clean lines.